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By night, another side of la plage Miramar in the evening

Miramar Plage By Night

The Miramar experience

The moment of escape continues after the hot day on the private beach. Extend your relaxing moments at sundown and enjoy the cool of the night. It’s the perfect time to discover a new side to the Miramar experience. With its gourmet restaurant and its lounge bar exclusively situated at the centre of the Croisette in Cannes, la plage Miramar is a prized venue for Riviera parties. To organize your private or professional event, you can privatise Miramar Beach, during the day or evening, all year round.

Miramar Plage By Night

The spectacle of the day gives way to the magic of the night

On the iconic beach of the Croisette, the spectacle of the day gives way to the magic of the night. As night falls, the atmosphere dims and the music slowly gains in decibels. Live arts invite themselves to the beach: fiery numbers, acrobatics and artistic performances tinged with ethnic influences follow one another in the middle of skirted tables. Live music and vibrant DJ sets awaken all the senses for magical moments under the stars. *July/August only

Miramar Plage By Night

In the evanescent daylight, a
magical setting transformed

At the end of the afternoon, when the day becomes evanescent, that the sun becomes less sweltering and the light changes, the beach is transformed. The sunbeds are replaced by comfortable sofas, umbrellas with flamed torches, to relax after beach evenings in an original place. With the shadows setting, the landscape relief varies, but the view remains magical. Soon, we can only distinguish the foam of the sea and the surf of the waves. To admire the sunset over the Esterel range while savouring a Miramar signature cocktail is a privileged moment.

Miramar Plage By Night

The lounge bar and the gourmet restaurant

Why not continue your day of lounging by having a drink on a sofa? Or savour our Miramar signature cocktails? The bar has an inside area with a decoration from exotic places in which each detail was thought out to take you to faraway destinations. In this original atmosphere, come and taste the dishes of our gourmet restaurant. Truly inviting you to travel, the chef and his team prepare recipes inspired by the whole world to embark on new tasty discoveries.

Miramar Plage By Night

An evening in a modern
and international atmosphere

The bar of la plage Miramar is the place where you can meet friends in a warm, chic and glamourous atmosphere. Enjoy friendly evenings, share intimate and festive moments, while enjoying the quality of our reception. The musical inspirations of la plage Miramar are international. Resident DJ, playlists of up and coming artists or live bands, everyone can enjoy these trendy sounds. The beginning of the lounge evening then stretches on with more modern sounds to make la plage Miramar a hot spot of the Cannes night life.

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